A Little About Me



I’ll start off by saying I’m a little bit different than other photographers you will come across. I didn’t read the National Geographic dreaming to be a photographer when I was growing up or pick up a camera at a young age taking pictures of everything I saw. To tell you the truth I HATED being in any type of picture and I never ever smiled just to show everyone how much I hated it. But as I got older I started looking back on all of those photographs and something changed. Each and every one of those pictures I hated taking so much brought back very vivid memories for me. Some of them good and some of them not so much.  My grandfather passed away more than 20 years ago, but every time I pull out his pictures and I see his face it feels like him and I were hanging out playing cards yesterday. Photographs bring out all sorts of emotions to people. For me they bring back the fantastic times that I miss and want to re-live as well as a few tears every now and then. This is why photographs are such a powerful thing and the reason I am extremely passionate about taking them each and every time I pick up that camera.

A little bit more about me and my family. I have been married to my beautiful wife Christine for the past 18 years. We have a son Justin who is 18 and our daughter Kayleigh is 9. Plus, our fur family that consist of 5 kitties. I did not care for cats at all growing up but my wonderful wife opened up my mind and now I can’t live without them. I am also the “official” photographer of a wonderful non-profit organization Save the Cats Arizona who do a phenomenal job helping out kitties in need. I volunteer a lot of my free time to this great organization because of my love of animals. I am an avid hiker and absolutely love the Superstition Mountains. I fell in love with them the second I laid eyes on them back in 1995. In fact, I live within the shadows of these mountains and their beauty never gets old. 

A lot of special things only happen once in a lifetime; your child’s first birthday, graduating from high school or college, marriage. These perfect moments only happen in a fraction of time, let me capture them so you can enjoy the memories for a lifetime.